KidsFirst School

KidsFirst School

KidsFirst is an early intervention center for children with special needs, with integrated speech and occupational therapy. At KidsFirst we believe that with the right guidance and care, all children can learn and grow. We provide an optimal learning environment for children with different challenges, ranging from Autism, Language Delays, Global Development Delay, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Down Syndrome, among others, from the age of 2 through to 12 years old.

We use an eclectic mix of therapies for each child. Our dedicated team is trained in many therapy approaches, including, but not limited to DIR Floortime, Hanen Program, PROMPT and Social Thinking.

Curriculums and Areas of Teaching

At KidsFirst we use a variety of research-based special education and mainstream curriculums to ensure measurable systematic delivery of developmentally appropriate skill acquisition within the classroom context. Curriculums such as the Brigance, Learning Without Tears and Attention Autism are frequently utilised by our specialist teachers. These skills are detailed within each child’s Individual Educational Plan encompassing classroom-based and therapist-led goals.

Our Special Education Teachers and Therapists also support children to develop functional daily living skills such as hygiene & self-care, mealtime routines, & toileting.

Our small group classes are perfect for our children to be taught social and play skills through approaches such as DIRFloortime & Social Thinking curriculums.

Integration of Therapy and Classroom Supports

Throughout your child’s placement in Kidsfirst our therapists conduct standardised discipline-specific developmental assessments to further understand your child’s specific challenges/needs and to allow you as parents to better understand their developmental profile.

Our Skilled Therapists are trained to utilise specific approaches such as Sensory Integration, DIRFloortime, PECS, Learn To Play, and Hanen alongside behavioural management support and training. Therapists also guide and co-teach classroom-based activities throughout the day.

Empowering Parents

We believe that parents and families know their children the best. We work closely with parents to ensure that the goals for the child match the family’s priorities. As such we provide numerous ways for our team and families to come together, connect and share information.

We do so not just through learning documentation, parent-team meetings, therapy meetings but also through by the following

  • Guided Stay & Play & Family Circle Time sessions
  • Parent Training Presentations by our team & external professionals on various topics
  • Child-specific Therapy Training Sessions 1:1 guided training for parents led by our therapists.
  • Reading resources and free library of useful support books for families to access

Beyond KidsFirst

As Kidsfirst is an Early intervention based setting, we understand and are working towards our students transitioning into formalised schooling. Our programme not only gathers developmental information from the time of Beyond KidsFirst which can be shared with prospective schools we also help parents navigate the school selection processes. We help bridge the transition between our programme and schools by liaising with enrolment staff, teachers, learning support staff and therapist to ensure thorough handover.

Individual therapy services can be accessed after school hours. Rates are dependent on therapists.