KidsFirst School

KidsFirst is an early intervention center for children with special needs, with integrated speech and occupational therapy. At KidsFirst we believe that with the right guidance and care, all children can learn and grow. We provide an optimal learning environment for children with different challenges, ranging from Autism, Language Delays, Global Development Delay, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Down Syndrome, among others, from the age of 2 through to 12 years old.

We use an eclectic mix of therapies for each child. Our dedicated team is trained in many therapy approaches, including, but not limited to DIR Floortime, Hanen Program, PROMPT and Social Thinking.

KidsFirst Clinic

Our clinic-based Pediatric Therapy programs are available in a variety of disciplines to help children 0-17 reach social-emotional, language and communication, cognitive, and physical developmental milestones. All of our interventions rely on evidence-based practice, ensuring that your family is getting top quality care.

Our Centre offers 1hr long individualised therapy sessions both OT and ST, alongside group based intervention. We can also combine speech and language therapy and Occupational therapy sessions to better support your Childs needs.

The KidsFirst Difference

The KidsFirst School program is a therapy based program, conducted in a school setting. The program runs daily, for three to six hour sessions, during which the child receives speech and occupational therapy.

We simulate the school environment as closely as possible, helping children learn the skills required for mainstream settings. Each child has an individualized growth and education plan, depending on their needs and the family’s priorities.

All Therapy Under One Roof

Speech and Occupational Therapy is seamlessly integrated into each child’s curriculum. The team consistently works on behavior management and educational goals for all our children.

Individualized Curriculum

Each child is unique and has clear strengths and needs. Our team assesses each child to create their individualized education program. With our small therapist to child ratio, we are able to ensure that the IEP goals are constantly and consistently worked upon daily, by all team members.

Empowering Parents

Parents know their children the best. We work closely with the parents to ensure that the goals for the child match the family’s priorities. Our team members are available daily, at drop off and dismissal, to address any concerns that the parents may have, such as a sudden change in behavior, new emerging skills, strategies for helping the child at home and others. Parents receive a weekly update about their child.

The KidsFirst Team

Our team is undoubtedly one of our biggest strengths. Our team members are dedicated, highly experienced therapists and specialists: all of them have ten to fifteen years of extensive experience working with young children. They are passionate about their work and are driven by their ability to make lasting, positive contributions to the children’s lives and their families.

Our Facilities

At KidsFirst, we believe that learning and development first comes through play. Which is why our lovely gym and play area is at the heart of our “play & learn” setup.


Calvin Price

“We do not have enough words to describe the difference KidsFirst made to Calvin’s overall development. KidsFirst was such a safe, encouraging & nurturing environment that challenged him on every level …”

Jesse, Stacie, Elise, Calvin and Teddy(The Price Family)


“Elliot is very happy here and enjoys all the activities. We see great progress in his speech and behavior. I like the fact that you have all the therapists that Elliot needs under one roof. Elliot is at ease with all of them …”

Kareen & Andrew
Elliot’s Parents


“KidsFirst provides my kid with a child care center environment allowing my kids to undergo an intensive (daily) and integrated therapy program without him realizing it. The therapists are like his teachers …”

Limin Ngian & Alvin
Ashton’s Parents

Maggie Easterling

“We are so grateful we found KidsFirst. Maggie is excited to go to school. The staff therapists and specialists definitely make a difference in our lives. Words truly fail to express how blessed we are to have KidsFirst …”

Chad and Laurie Easterling
Maggie’s Parents


“We hunted high and low for the right early intervention program and chose KidsFirst for its intensive and integrated approach. Within the first week, we knew we were in the hands of the best team with not just the experience, but also the heart to nurture Sienna and the empathy to support the family. Week by week we observed Sienna growing, making connections with words and her motor skills – all the while having a truly enjoyable time.

We can’t thank the team enough for the leaps in Sienna’s development, and for the peace of mind that we are doing absolutely the best for our child. “

Melissa & Duncan
Sienna’s Parents