Frequently Asked Questions

We cater to a diverse population of children who present with developmental needs such as -


Global Development Delay

Cerebral Palsy


Down Syndrome

Language Delays

Other Neurological and Syndromic Conditions

No prior assessment is needed. Once a child is enrolled in our programme, we conduct a comprehensive assessment over a period of 2 weeks to understand your child’s developmental profile. We use this information to create your child’s learning goals.

Our programmes and clinical services are catered for children with special needs. We do not have any exclusion criteria as we cater to a wide range of developmental needs and age ranges.

We do not have extensive waitlists for any of our services. We aim to provide clients with services as soon as possible.

We are a Baby Bonus approved provider.

2 years to 12 years of age

Our classroom-based services are not parent accompanied. However, we invite parents to engage actively through supplementary routines such as family circle times, stay & play or play dates. Parents are able to sit-in for some therapy sessions within the programme.

Our EIP classroom based services run Mondays to Fridays. Parents can enrol for 3 day or 5 day programmes. We provide 3 hour or 6 hour EIP sessions.

Birth to 17 years of age

Parents have the option of accompanying their child for their individual therapy sessions.

Our therapy services run from Monday to Friday. Therapy services are usually 1 hour sessions, from 9:00 am to 5:00pm.