By the time, when my husband and me were looking for the right school for our daughter Greta, she was 2.5 years old and not able to walk independently. I had the feeling that this made it harder, because we did not want her to fall behind other kids same age.

When Greta and I had an appointment to get to know the school, I was really impressed by the fact that Suresh plus a speech therapist, the occupational therapist and some special education teachers joined us. I still appreciate that we got such a wide overview during that meeting!

3 months later Greta had her 1st day at KidsFirst and our expectations were even exceeded. From day 1 Greta smiled at my face when I left her and she had glazing eyes when I picked her up three hours later. Every now and then I had the chance to talk to one of the teachers, the therapists or Manjula. We talked about Greta’s development, her issues and also my or our concerns. Besides that we met every 4-6 months to discuss her Individualized Education Plan. I knew Greta had the best therapists and support we could wish for! After a while we extended her stay from three to six hours a day and I can say that there was no day I had to worry about her. We would not have left KidsFirst if we wouldn’t have returned to our home country in April 2020. Again, thank you for helping Greta grow and for giving us as a family the perfect start into “school life”

Ersin and Anke

Maggie Easterling

Dear KidsFirst,

We are so grateful we found KidsFirst.  Maggie is excited to go to school, and looks forward to seeing everyone there. The staff therapists and specialists definitely make a difference in our lives.  The way you all have invested and continue to invest in our child as an individual is inspiring.  The weekly reports and consistent feedback of how we can better support her learning is so significant, as well.  Words truly fail to express how blessed we are to have KidsFirst available to our family while we are in Singapore.  To say thank you just does not seem enough.

Chad and Laurie Easterling

Calvin Price

Thank you to Paridhi, Suresh, Kathy, Hanum, Kajal and Sheryl – the KidsFirst team!

We do not have enough words to describe the difference that KidsFirst has made to Calvin’s overall development.  KidsFirst was such a safe, encouraging and nurturing environment that challenged him on every level.  He learned from the KidsFirst team how to articulate himself and express how he was feeling, what he wanted, any questions he had and now he even makes jokes!  He learned how to interact with his peers in a meaningful, playful, imaginative, and purposeful way. He learned foundational academics that has set him up for success in both a modified or a mainstream classroom.  He learned how to focus on and complete age-appropriate tasks from start to finish, and his attention span is now better than either of his two siblings… truly!

Calvin has now transitioned to a mainstream play-based junior kindergarten class in Singapore, and the skills he gained from KidsFirst are what allowed him to do that.  We can’t thank you enough for it!

Sincerely yours,

Jesse, Stacie, Elise, Calvin and Teddy (The Price Family)


You have a team of therapists who work well together. Elliot is very happy here and enjoys all the activities. We see great progress in his speech and behavior.

I like the fact that you have all the therapists that Elliot needs under one roof. Elliot is at ease with all of them and grows in confidence with every visit.

This type of an Early Intervention Center is a Godsend for our children … keep up the good work!

Kareen & Andrew


KidsFirst provides my kid with a child care center environment allowing my kids to undergo an intensive (daily) and integrated therapy program without him realizing it. The therapists are like his teachers, who work on his IEP through play.

The KidsFirst has a group of very experienced and passionate therapists and teachers who truly make a difference in every kid.

I’m very glad and thankful to all the therapists and teachers in KidsFirst. They have made a difference to my boy and I believe they will continue to assist my boy by pushing him to achieve his max capabilities.

Limin Ngian & Alvin


The teachers relate well with the kids. My son is happy to to go school every morning. They ( teachers) listen to the parent’s views of their child’s progress and tries to come up with action plans.

The teachers take time to listen to what the parents have to say about their child, the concerns that they have and try to give advice and ways parents can help their child at home.

I found the speech therapist to be rather nice and approachable. She took my concerns that I had with my child regarding his non-verbal communication and gave me suggestions on what I can do to help.
KidsFirst has wonderful teachers who are dedicated to their jobs.

Abhi's Parents


Thanks to the KidsFirst team’s efforts, Scott has been making a lot of progress in his behavior. This conversational skills have improved themendously and he is beginning to like socializing.

The KidsFirst team has a lot of experience and dedication. They have made a great difference to the children’s lives.

Scott's Parents


My child is so happy to go there every morning and he always has a good day. He loves his teachers and his friends.

The KidsFirst team has been nurturing and wonderful at teaching my child how to do all the things that make him able to fit into the world more seamlessly.

They are an amazing group os teacher – therapists, who care about the KidsFirst kids and get the best out of them.
KidsFirst is doing a great job at continuing where Max’s previous school left off – thank you for being there!


We hunted high and low for the right early intervention program and chose KidsFirst for its intensive and integrated approach. Within the first week, we knew we were in the hands of the best team with not just the experience, but also the heart to nurture Sienna and the empathy to support the family. Week by week we observed Sienna growing, making connections with words and her motor skills – all the while having a truly enjoyable time.

We can’t thank the team enough for the leaps in Sienna’s development, and for the peace of mind that we are doing absolutely the best for our child.


Melissa & Duncan


October 2021