Niamh Donnelly

Principal Occupational Therapist and Head of Therapy

Niamh has been living in Singapore for over 6 years. During this time she has worked within a number of Private clinics in Singapore, her roles included clinic manager of a centre based extensive MDT team and lead Principal Occupational Therapist at Thomson Paediatric Centre. Niamh has vast Paediatric clinical experience working both in Ireland and Singapore. During Niamh’s practice she has worked with children with multiple developmental and physical needs. Niamh has clinically managed a caseload ranging in age from infants to teenagers and young adults. This caseload has presented with various clinical needs including sensory processing difficulties, feeding challenges and various motor and learning challenges. Niamh is focused on a holistic therapy approach with a therapeutic focus on supporting a Childs social, emotional and cognitive development. Niamh has conducted a number of presentations and trainings in Singapore at the SENIA and Early childhood conferences, alongside various international/ local schools and polytechnics. Niamh has also provided a number of parent trainings.

Niamh is fully Certified in Ayres sensory integration, and has completed a number of additional clinical trainings inclusive of but not limited to, managing challenging behaviours, Executive functioning skills, Neuro -developmental treatment (NDT). Floor-time (Certified), SOS feeding, Beckman oral motor. MORE Feeding. Reflex integration, Rthymical movement training and Learn to Play (Karen Stagnetti).

Dervla Nunan

Senior Occupational Therapist

Dervla graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy in 2012. Dervla started her career working in Scotland within Community Paediatric teams covering mainstream and special education schools.

Dervla moved to Singapore in 2016 and spent her first year in a hospital setting in Singapore before moving to a clinic and school-based and home-based settings where she worked as the Lead Occupational Therapist for the service. Dervla enjoys working with children of any age and has a special interest in Neuromuscular conditions (conditions impacting muscle function including ataxia and muscular dystrophy), motor co-ordination difficulties (difficulties with motor planning and organisation including Developmental Co-ordination Disorder), Developmental Delay, Autism Spectrum Disorders and visual impairments amongst others.

Dervla is committed to continued professional development and has completed courses in DIR Floortime, Sensory Integration, Bobath, Sensory Dynamic Orthosis and Co-Op (Cognitive Orientation to Occupational Performance) and MNRI tools for Dyslexia.

Bronwyn Miles

Senior Speech Therapist

Bronwyn completed a bachelor of Speech Pathology with first class honours at the University of Queensland, Australia. After graduating, Bronwyn worked in a paediatric private practice in Singapore. She is extremely passionate about a holistic play based approach to therapy and enjoys supporting early communication. Bronwyn has worked with children of a variety of ages from infants to young adults, and her caseload has included children with diverse needs. Bronwyn has also worked as a Speech Pathologist in Beijing, China. Here, she worked as an advocate for the importance of therapy in a multicultural and multilingual environment.

Bronwyn has provided therapy and training at various schools throughout Singapore and Beijing. She enjoys providing support within the educational setting and appreciates the benefit of a mutually supportive relationship with educators. Within this setting, she has utilised Social Thinking, Visualising and Verbalising and various other strategies to support each child’s access to the curriculum.

Bronwyn is currently completing a post graduate certificate in Ayers Sensory Integration, which she considers to be an integral element in supporting speech, language and engagement. She is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist (CPSP) through Speech Pathology Australia. She’s currently certified in DIR Floortime, PECS & Social Thinking, and has completed courses in Hanen and Talk Tools Therapy.

Rhodante Evelyn

Speech Therapist

Rho is an experienced Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) who believes in the potential of every child. She ensures that sessions are fun and engaging, while also tailoring therapy to the child’s individual needs. Rho aims to support every child by empowering and working closely with parents, caregivers, and other professionals across different settings.

Rho graduated from the University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland and has worked in Barbados and Singapore. Rho has enjoyed working in early intervention centres and schools as well as within the clinic setting. Rho has experience providing individual, peer, and group speech and language therapy. In the past, she has organized and run Lego therapy social skills sessions.  Rho has extensive experience in the paediatric population and is competent in assessing and providing evidence-based intervention to children who present a wide range of communication difficulties.

Rho is proud to be a Basic level DIR-Floortime provider and looks forward to continuing her training within this approach. Rho actively participates in professional development, remains current with the latest evidence-based research, and intervention practices. Rho has attended social thinking conferences and PECS basic and advanced training workshops.

Manjula Gunawardena

Head of Program

Manjula is a Special Educator whose area of expertise is in Preschool Based Early Intervention. Her educational background includes a Masters of Education (Special Education) from the University of Sydney, Australia and a Bachelors of Psychology from Humboldt State University in California.

Her career has seen her working in the area of Early Intervention in various countries from Sri Lanka to Australia. In the last few years she has worked in Singapore within in the private sector as a manager and teacher in Early Intervention Programmes.

Her experience working with children of diverse needs within various communities and countries has instilled in her the importance of working in partnership with families. She uses play, inquiry and interest-based teaching to help children learn holistically.

Throughout her career, she has maintained ongoing professional training in best practice for the areas of special education as well as early years education. Manjula has also completed the DIR®/Floortime 101 Therapy training.

Manjula is accredited by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). She is a member of SENIA (Singapore chapter), Community Childcare Cooperative (Australia) and the Association for Early Childhood Educators (AECES-Singapore).

Suresh Kumar

Special Education Teacher

Suresh graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Science (Psychology) from Deakin University, Australia.  Over the past 15 years, he has worked with children with a range of needs, such as Learning Difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Global Developmental Delay (GDD), Down’s Syndrome, among others developmental conditions. His career started with working with children in hospital setting. He realized his interest for teaching so he transitioned to the role of early intervention teacher in private centres.

Suresh strongly believes that every child is different and as such will have different needs and strengths. Therefore, maintaining focus on each child’s unique needs and helping to equip them with the necessary skills is key for their lifelong learning. He believes that the optimal way to achieve this is through personalized plans for children while working closely to support their parents and families. He also strongly believes in collaborative practice with a multidisciplinary team to support his student’s needs.

Siti Ermah Binte

Special Education Teacher

Siti graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Art in Social Work. Siti’s interest in Special Education started when she was volunteering during her university days in a local special school specifically in an early intervention programme in the school. Siti has extensive years of experience working in an Early Intervention Centre. She has more than 8 years of experience working in an early intervention setting. She has worked as a social worker in a Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO) Early intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) working closely with the families in the centre. Her roles include conducting Parents meeting with the multidisciplinary team and also Parent Support Group.

Siti gained her teaching experience when she joined Metta School teaching children with special needs aged 7 to 15 years old presenting with various needs such as Mild Intellectual Disability, Down Syndrome and Autism. She is familiar with the Workplace Numeracy and Literacy Skills. She also has experience working with youth-at-risk in a mainstream school setting. Her interest to work with young children and passion to help children with special needs have led her to join as a Special Educator in a private early intervention centre. Prior to joining the centre, Siti has worked in SBCC  Child Development as an Early Intervention Programme Teacher.

Siti is passionate to help young children with special needs to develop their potential and support the child by working closely with other professionals in the team and most importantly with the families and the caregivers. Siti follows a child-centred and family centred ethos in her practice. She engages student with compassion and care as well as provide adequate supports for families through education families about their children’s needs.

Na'imah Binte

Special Education Teacher

Na’imah graduated with a degree in Psychology from the State University of New York (University at Buffalo). She has experiences working with students with special needs  ranging from early years to teenagers. She has great passion to support children with special needs to develop meaningful life skills and increase their ability to learn age appropriate classroom based skills.

Na’imah believes in engaging with the students and gaining their attention by making lessons fun for them so that they can develop the necessary skills within the activities. She comes up with creative ways to conduct lessons to cater to the children’s interest. She understands that each child has their own unique needs and strengths. She believes in continuous professional improvement and development for the benefit of the children she supports and their families.