Special Education Teacher Assistant

Aizat is a Special Educator who has been in the public special education sector for 10 years. He was given a scholarship to study at the National Institute of Education specialising in Special Education less than a year after completing National Service with the SAF.

During his 10 years, to be a better teacher, he has equipped himself with various certifications to help him have a glimpse of his students through the lens of a therapist and a caregiver; some of which includes Social Emotional Learning(SEL), handling sensory issues, management of challenging behaviours.

He has seen students from all levels of support needs, as young as 7 till they graduate at 18 years old.

He strongly believes with the guidance of a robust IEP and input of every stakeholder in the child’s life; parents, teachers and therapists alike, the child can be a ready and an independent learner, enabling a meaningful and dignified life as a student during their time in school. Aizat is a passionate Educator, eager to help young children prepare and equip themselves for the constant transition through their different stages in life.

Certifications and Training

  • Basic Level PECS
  • PATHS -Social and Emotional Intelligence Program for Children
  • Certificate in Autism Training
  • Handling Sensory Issues in The Classroom
  • Strategies in Managing Challenging Behaviour