KidsFirst School

KidsFirst is an early intervention center for children with special needs, with integrated speech and occupational therapy. At KidsFirst we believe that with the right guidance and care, all children can learn and grow. We provide an optimal learning environment for children with different challenges, ranging from Autism, Language Delays, Global Development Delay, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Down Syndrome, among others, from the age of 2 through to 12 years old.

We use an eclectic mix of therapies for each child. Our dedicated team is trained in many therapy approaches, including, but not limited to DIR Floortime, Hanen Program, PROMPT and Social Thinking.

KidsFirst Clinic

Our clinic-based Pediatric Therapy programs are available in a variety of disciplines to help children 0-17 reach social-emotional, language and communication, cognitive, and physical developmental milestones. All of our interventions rely on evidence-based practice, ensuring that your family is getting top quality care.

Our Centre offers 1hr long individualised therapy sessions both OT and ST, alongside group based intervention. We can also combine speech and language therapy and Occupational therapy sessions to better support your Childs needs.

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